Top 10 moments of This Year

Hey! My year has been great! Here are the top ten moments of my year.

1. Going to the Apple Store for a field trip!
2.Making movie trailers for our novel studies book!
3.Making grammar CDs with our Tech Buddies!
4.Making math CDs
5.The girls party for winning the health challenge!
6.After we take the TCAP test we play!
7.Skyping with France!
8.making our own movies with our friends!
9.Field Day!!
10.Writting our own books!

Week 36

Hey! My week has been out of this world!!  On Tuesday we had the 5th grade musical and Awards Night! I got the perfect attendance award, presidential award, honor roll, and math olympiad award! I had a great time. We also have been raising water for Uganda. We have enough money to get 11 filters to h=get clean water for them! On Wednesday it was Marcy’s birthday. We pulled a prank on her to give her, her new phone. Also one day after school we had a middle school talk. It is when the old 5th graders that were in our class, came to talk to us. We also got to play capture the flag. We won! We finally got to put our math CDs on a CD! haha! I forgot to say we only have 3 1/2 days left of school. I will probably only have a few more posts. Well, that is all about my out of the word week! Bye! 🙂

My Week 35!!!

My week has been fantastic! This week we have done so much. We only have 8 and 1/2 days left, so we are doing some really fun things. One thing would be we are making our own movies with whoever we want! My movie is about some kids finding munchkins that eat toes! Another thing we have been doing is practicing this huge musical we are doing next week! This week our school had field day. For the lower grades we got to help out with theirs! For our field day I did jump rope, 50 yard dash, and the sack race. It was a lot of fun! Before that we had Mr. Haney’s baby shower! His wife is having a baby in the summer, so we had a baby shower. We did all kinds of fun games. That is all about my fantastic week! Bye! 🙂

Week 34

Hey!! My week has been great! This week we are selling the bands called buddy bands. We have already sold out! We raise over 1,000 dollars! The money is going to the people’s houses that got ruined. Since the girls won the state challenge we got to have a party! It was a lot of fun. We are making history movies. They are so close to being done. Also, this week we have  field trip. It is to the Tuckaleehe Caverns. It has caves. We are going tomorrow! We also only have 14 and 1/2!  I can’t wait ill summer! In math we had a day called Will Rice Day. We do all kinds of fun things. It is just one of our math class jokes. That is all about my fantastic week! Bye! 🙂

My Week 33! :)

That is our track team

That is our track team

Hey! My week has been way more than fantastic! Even though we have had a few days of harsh weather. On Wednesday a tornado hit Knoxville. It didn’t hit were I was at, though. Although we did have a big hail storm. The hail at my house was golf ball size! ON Tuesday we went on a tour to Bearden Middle School. My sister is a seventh grader there. The seventh graders got to split us up in groups and tour us around. My sister was one of my tour guides. We got some new coral and fish to go in our tank, but we have to give away one of our fish. 🙁 On Thursday we had a track meet. I made the 100m in track! I got 2nd in the race. That means my time was good enough to go to the finals! When I was in the finals there was 6 people. I got in 5th! That made me so happy. That is all about my week. Bye!

I am the one in 2nd.

I am the one in 2nd.

Skype with Georgia

Hey! Last Thursday we skyped with a class from Georgia. They are a private school.  Their class room looked very different from ours. We all got to say things to them. We talked about all things about going green here. Also, what are somethings about our community. I wonder what is like to have a day at their school. Everything they said sounded so different from our school. ONe thing is they are of an island from Georgia. That is all about when we skyped with Georgia. Bye!

Days to Celebrate the War

Hey! I am going to talk about 3 holidays that celebrate the people in the war.  They are the 4th of July, Veterans day, and Memorial Day.  First, the 4th of July. On that day we celebrate or victory from Great Britain. We also got it signed in the Declaration of Independence. I love to celebrate it at my lake house. Next, is Veterans Day. It is on November 11th.It is for the people who have been in the war for us. Memorial Day is where we celebrate the ones who gave there lives for us in the war. It is on the last Monday of May.  That is all about 3 holidays that give honor to people who love us.

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Earth Day

Hey!  I do a lot a lot of things for Earth Day. I do a lot of things at school, too. One thing we do is plant a garden.  We grow tons of things. Another thing would be doing our worksheets on the computer. We added up how much paper we saved. That number was super big! We also do homework on the computer. We go on a website called study island. That is all about what we do on Earth Day! I hope you help the Earth, too! 🙂

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